Frequently Asked Qustions


Why Spend Money on Parking Lot Striping?

Our Services make parking lots everywhere safer, functional, and cleaner, while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the property.

Why Should We Re-Stripe Our Lot Every Year?

The effects of gasoline, oil, salt and water will deteriorate your parking lot's lines over time. Having a regular program of yearly line striping and parking lot maintenance will keep your parking area(s) both attractive and safe for your most valuable asset - your clients. We offer full & "refresher" striping packages. 

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use?

We use a Sherwin Williams water-borne latex paint that is specifically manufactured to be durable, bright and DOT approved.

Can Stripetek Minimize The Disruption To My Business?

Absolutely! We will coordinate and plan to minimize any disruption to you and your business.

How Long Will My Parking Lot Be Closed Off?

Depending on weather conditions, your lot can be open within a few hours. We understand that access to your business is crucial.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes, with Stripetek, we warranty our work for one year and the paint products we use support this with manufacturers warranties.